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Formed in 2014, Lux Musicae London is dedicated to exploring and recreating the performance practices that were developing across Europe in the 16th and early 17th centuries. Investigating the interaction between textual and oral traditions within the cultural context of this turbulent historical period throughout Europe is at the heart of their work. With their diverse instrumentation and rhetorically-driven approach to performance, Lux Musicae London’s programmes seek to recreate musical performances from this time while tracing the patterns of musical influences from different sources.

In 2016 Lux Musicae London were selected as finalists in the Concours International de Journées de Musiques Anciennes in Paris and participated in the BREMF Live! Scheme 2016/17. Since performing in the Brighton Early Music Festival, they have been invited to take part in various festivals around Europe, including the Fringe of the MA Festival Brugge, the Fabulous Fringe of Utrecht’s Oude Musiek Festival and the International Young Artists Presentation in AMUZ: Laus Polyphoniae Festival in Antwerp. They have been listed as highlights in the Beverley Early Music Festival and returning to the Brighton Early Music Festival with their new programme Dowland's Denmark. Lux Musicae London have also been selected to join the Stroud Green Festival Ensemble Scheme. 

In 2019, they received ACE funding to tour their programme, ‘The Secrets of Andalusia - discovering the hidden origins of Flamenco’ in collaboration with Flamenco virtuoso Ignacio Lusardi and Oud player Julian Harris. They have performed in The London Festival of Baroque Music, St Georges Bristol and the inaugural Liverpool Early Music Festival among others. In the future, they look forward to exploring the historic relationship between music and text in a project that transfers historical practices onto contemporary works.


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